Introductory meeting

Price: free


During this meeting we will discuss your situation, you can ask questions about the coaching program and we see if there is a click. There are no strings attached.





Coaching program

Price: €160,- per month (4x)


Consists of:

  • 1 intake of 90 mins (direct time*)
  • 7 coaching sessions of 45 mins (direct time*)
  • weekly online check-ins and the opportunity to ask questions
  • 2 years access to a personal online learning environment with information, exercises, videos and working sheets

This coaching program takes about 4 months.

* apart from direct time, which is the time that the client spends with the lifestyle coach, there is also indirect time spent by the lifestyle coach to prepare sessions, analyse results and processing the sessions

Individual sessions

Price per session: €80,-


Individual consults can only be booked after finishing the coaching program.



Individuele leefstijlcoaching wordt soms (gedeeltelijk) vergoed vanuit je aanvullende zorgverzekering. Neem hiervoor contact op met je zorgverzekeraar. Soms zijn werkgevers ook bereid om (mee) te betalen voor leefstijlcoaching, vanuit een speciaal potje voor gezondheidsdoelen of persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Vraag dit na bij je werkgever.

Benefits of coaching by the Duurzame Leefstijlcoach

  • coaching by a BLCN accredited lifestyle coach with a master's degree in Nutrition & Health
  • a personal approach, together we will decide what will best suit your lifestyle and wishes
  • information in the personal learning environment is based on scientific evidence
  • if you want to eat healthier, you will not go on a strict diet, but learn how to make adjustments to your current diet and learn to listen to your body. With emotion eating we can look at underlying causes and learn coping mechanisms to deal with your emotions in a different way
  • rather than going on a strict exercise regime, we will look at how you can incorporate movement into your daily life and find ways to enjoy exercising
  • you can book appointsments online
  • flexibele planning, maak afspraken wanneer het jou het beste uitkomt, je bent niet gebonden aan een specifieke dag of tijdstip. Idealiter elke 2 weken 1 coachsessie, maar wanneer je bijv een weekje op vakantie bent kan je het eenvoudig een week later plannen.
  • possibility to have the coaching sessions face-2-face, while walking or online


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